How To Restore Your Waistline After Pregnancy?

One might think that after childbirth, women’s concerns are limited to the baby. While this is true and there is no doubt about it, there is another big problem that keeps them awake at night: how to recover their figure after pregnancy.

Advice and recommendations are beginning to be heard and put into practice: ointments, bandages, massages and postpartum girdles are the most popular in this regard. However, one of these recommendations is undoubtedly infallible: the postpartum girdle.

Which Of All The Girdles Are The Right Ones For Your Body?

The function of our abdominal structure is to act as a natural corset that serves to maintain and support the area between the pelvis and the spine. During pregnancy, these muscles are progressively stretched month by month due to hormonal changes caused by relaxins, estrogens and progesterone.

However, this natural process that generates the body so that the organs, muscles and tissues return to their place after childbirth, will need our help and, for this, some actions are important:

  • Balanced diet
  • Abdominal exercises
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Hydrate yourself
  • Wearing a girdle

It has been proven that the only difference that has not been minor, is that those women who have used postpartum girdles and have complied with the rest of the points mentioned above, have had only one difference compared to women who have only used girdles: Greater abdominal muscle strengthening. This means that postpartum girdles are highly effective in returning the figure of women to its pre-birth state.

Recommended Postpartum Girdles

Maternity girdles are recommended from the 31st week of gestation and even before it in cases where you have gained a few extra kilos. It is known that it is not healthy to arrive with excessive weight at delivery, which is why they are also recommended from 4 months of pregnancy. It is also important that, during pregnancy, a specialist doctor is consulted before using any type of girdle.

Maternity girdles, during pregnancy, will help you to support the weight that pregnancy has given you. Because of this, expectant mothers are always advised not to gain more than 12 kilos during the entire pregnancy.

It is important to note that maternity girdles and postpartum girdles are not exactly the same and do not pursue the same goal: The first help to support the weight that is causing the pregnancy while the second helps to reduce the belly.

Which Girdle Should I Choose?

You should know that in the market there are infinite models and styles of girdles that could help you. Your gynecologist will probably recommend one of them. But then you must be the one to decide where to buy them.

At we have not only a wide variety of girdles, but also are made with the right materials so you can wear them with the assurance that the effect will be as expected and will not generate any damage in the affected areas.

Slimsenora not only has to worry about giving you back the self-esteem that comes from looking good in front of the mirror, but it also looks after their health. For this reason, each of its products is made with raw materials of the highest quality.

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